The North London Forest School Nursery

G R A D E D 




Developed in Denmark, Forest School sessions have been an integral part of the Early Years Curicullum since the 1980's.


The Bridgwater College based in Somerset have been the pioneers of Forest School in this country.


The philosophy behind Forest School is based upon the desire to provide young children with an education which encourages appreciation of the wide natural world, while achieving independence, confidence and high self-esteem.


Activities carried out are linked to the National and the Foundation Stage Curriculum, while the children explore and use natural materials found outdoors.


The children use real tools and learn the boundaries, both physical and social, within which they must work.


They are given freedom and responsibilities and participate in achievable tasks which reflect their interests and learning styles.


Find out more about the benefits of learning outdoors.


'Sowing the Seeds' by Tim Gill, a great article to read on the 'London outdoor child' as 'an  endangered species'.

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